Richard Sihm

Solving business problems using power of computers

Hello and Welcome 🙋🏼‍

my name is Richard and I am quite pleased that you found your way here.

I solve problems with the power of computers. There are just some problems that computers deal better with and there are some that they suck at.

Generally speaking, computers are great at computing and performing calculations beyond what most of us human beings can do, they can track things and they can handle data that have inputted.

But they suck at being human, they don't have compassion and they don't generally give a damn.

Ready for a sales pitch? Here we go...

My aspiration is to see how you and your organization could benefit by utilizing computers at their best. If all works out well, you'll spend much less time performing administrative tasks that can be handled by soulless robots and you can put your efforts somewhere they will never be able to replace you like sales, managing others, and focusing on expanding your activity. Sounds good, doesn't it?

If you're already sold, click here to contact me, else keep on reading and let me try to make a point one more time. Or you know, don't I am not your boss.

Still not following...

Okay let's say, that every week you get emails from your sales representatives from all over the country, then you sit down and copy&paste them into a spreadsheet so you can get an idea of how your business is actually performing. You spend 3 hours doing this every single week... That is 156 hours every year!!! Isn't there something more interesting you would rather do, or more important things that you should be doing to expand your business?

You have several options on how to deal with this, but I think we can narrow it down to 3.

1.You hire/get someone to do what you do instead.

Yeah, that's an option. However, you are just wasting their time instead and on top of people are expensive, get sick and make mistakes. You should hire people for jobs that can't be handled by computers.

2. You find a software that kinda does this thing and twist it to fit your needs.

You are onto something, the above problem could be somewhat handled by using Google Forms and if you are on a tight budget I would say, that's the way to go. But it is important to keep in mind, that such tools are designed to handle most people's problems, not your specific problem. Thus you might have to do some compromises on how it looks and the way things flow.

3. Let me help you instead

You talk to me, we figure out together what it is that you need. What exact problem are you trying to solve? Why is that important? Once this problem is solved, what do you do with the outcome? Etc.

After that we might come up with a solution that looks something like this:

  • Every week email is automatically sent out to all of your sales reps to remind them to fill in the data.
  • If they are not reported by the specified time, they get automatically get Nudged and you get alerted.
  • Once data are collected you get alerted and get an instant overview of where you stand and get started making decisions what to do next.

Doesn't that just sound much saner? You are not in the business of data collection, you are in the business to do business!

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